Logo_smallIn this section we share with you references about our work provided by clients of ours.


The coaching sessions helped me to see problematic situations from a different angle, to discover new aspects and motivations in my behavior and that of others, to draw an action plan for achieving objectives set.

I can look at myself from the perspective of an observer, which allows me to make sober assessment of what is going on.

Maria Milenkova


The training “Successful communication. Building cooperation and teamwork” gave me the possibility to better understand my place in the team and to see colleagues with whom I work in another, unknown to me light. The course fully met my expectations. Competences and skills acquired that I think would be most useful to me:

  • the ability to accept different views without necessarily agreeing with them
  • the ability to build priorities
  • the ability to assert one own’s views
  • the skill to assume that there is probably a few other ways forward
  • the ability to seek assistance

Miroslav Jekov – Manager Mark Spark Ltd.


I have known Janeta for almost 20 years now, and Antonia – since more recently. Their approach in everything they do is marked with professionalism and a lot of inspiration. Whether working with a particular person or a group of people, time with them is always very precious to me, as I learn new things about the world and myself. I recently came across the following thought: “The only way to judge the people around us is by paying attention to how we feel in their presence.” In their presence I always feel wonderful.

Rayna Tzvetkova, Communications Expert