Our Philosophy

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Business S.E.N.S.E – our concept for a new generation of transformations at work

HP_Boy_1The high achievements that every employer strives for begin with the personal attitude and approach of each individual. It is all about how the employees treat their own selves and the others; how they treat what they are busy with; how they approach their targets and celebrate their achievements, but also how they react to and handle their difficulties and failures.

It is only the ones, who truly engage in more of what their job, as per duly signed forms and procedures, requires, who can truly contribute to the growth of an organization. In order for one to be a contributor and to be seen in an organization, one has to belong, i.e. to share the values of its community. In order to commit to any organization and its values and goals, however, one has to first feel well in it as a person.

Still, one often is not aware how to be wholeheartedly present in his own life, to utilize it to the maximum, using the full capacity of one’s resources. We are specifically trained to provide help just at this stage. To facilitate the process of manifesting one’s hidden, unexplored or long time forgotten power, states and abilities.

We interact with your employees (on a group and personal level) aiming to explore their needs, habits, approaches and ways of being in their everyday life.

1_verWe use various approaches for holistic work, touching upon all layers of the human being – starting from the physical sensations and sensory perceptions, we stretch our inquiry towards the spiritual striving and the inner calling of the individual.

We help people to connect to what is theirs, to what is strong and wants to be manifested. We help them adopt the motto – Love what you do. Do what you love – and turn it into their own way of life.

Our focus is on the individual growth of the personality and its connection to its own resources. This is a process of coming back towards our natural state and connecting to our own strengths and abilities.

We firmly believe that each of us is worthy of being happy, fulfilled, belonging, connected and contributing.

What we wish for is to be able to help more and more people to discover and apply creative ways, through which they can have better quality of life and feel better.